As with all markets, the real estate market fluctuates, and sometimes very rapidly. Because of this, ARCUS has implemented an invaluable philosophy of investment strategy. The management team at ARCUS is quick to identify the current state of the real estate economy and determine which of the diverse forms of real estate investments will yield the greatest profits for the current market. This conforms to ARCUS’ conservative and flexible investment strategy, which is employed for all of their clients according to the client’s needs.

ARCUS is able to react and quickly respond to a given real estate opportunity by utilizing management’s extensive experience and expertise, as well as its team of employees and consultants. Through this process, ARCUS establishes the viability of each investment and determines the anticipated exit or holding strategy, yielding the highest return or cash flow for its investors.

Once an investment meets ARCUS’ strict criteria, the investment transaction is documented in a manner that protects both the investors and the investment utilizing the team of legal advisors, consultants, and staff hand-picked  by management. The real estate involved in each investment is well protected via title insurance, commercial liability insurance, and other resources.

Following the inception of an investment, ARCUS manages and markets the investment and executes the exit strategy to meet the investment’s projected and highest return for its investors.